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ESU Recreation Center (REC)

The department offers a comprehensive program for students to be involved that include group fitness classes, sports tournaments, leasuire activities, personal training, competitive sports leagues, club sports and two indoor facilities.

ESU Ultimate Frisbee Club (ESU Ultimate)

This group is for men and women, interested in playing Ultimate with the East Stroudsburg University team. We are a competitive school team and not just a group that plays pick up. We travel to tournaments all around the east coast.

ESU Women's Rugby Club (Women's Rugby)

The Women’s Rugby Club is a competitive team that holds daily practices year-round with their main focus on game strategy, skill development, and conditioning. The club’s main competition schedule is in the fall semester competing in Division II

ESU's Vocal Variations (Vocal Variations)

ESU's Vocal Variations is a modern day A Capella ensemble. We sing all different genres, incorporate dance, beat boxing, etc. We are here to make a name for ourselves and look forward to participate in competitions. Contact us @: esuvocalvariations@gmai

Eta Sigma Gamma (Health)

Eta Sigma Gamma promotes excellence in service and advocacy, education, and research in the Health Education Profession.

Euclid’s Element’s (Math)

A club to discuss and share ideas of mathematics.

Event Management Organization (EMO)

The Event Management Organization plans, runs and organizes the smooth operation of events on and off campus.

Exercise Science Club (EXSCI Club)

The Exercise Science Club is full of members committed to a fit and healthy lifestyle and we want to share that with the ESU campus and community. Our events are geared around the health of our students & the knowledge to get them there. Come join us!

Feminist Alliance (FA/ Fem Alli)

Feminist Alliance is an organization formed by women students for all to heighten campus awareness about women’s issues and to support a gender equitable climate. FA is actively involved in organizing consciousness raising events for campus and community