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Hawthorn Suites Community Board

Hawthorn Suites Community Board allows residents to strengthen the community atmosphere within the hall. It also allows them to expand their social circles by planning and implementing hall activities for the building.

Health & Physical Education Club (HPE Club)

The Health and Physical Education Club (HPE CLUB) is available for all HPE majors. We participate in the ROCKETS program and Swim and Gym. We hold our own events such as the Halloween and Fall Walk, Adopt-A-Block, and Jump Rope For Heart.

Hemlock Suites Community Board

Hemlock Suites Community Board serves as a governing body for the residents of Hemlock Suites.

Honors Student Association (HSA)

The Honors Student Organization is a club inclusive of all members of the ESU Honors Program. We are focused on giving back to the community, serving as leaders to our peers, and acting as ambassadors of the liberal arts.

Hotel Restaurant Club

To engage in all the interests, activities, and services related to the hospitality industry, which includes promoting career development skills, experiences, and employment.

Human Resource Management Club

The purpose of the Human Resource Management Club is to promote human resource management knowledge and develop human resource management skills for students.