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Marine Science Club (MSC)

The Marine Science Club is welcome to all students who have interest in marine life and habitats. Our service and recreational activities help expose our landlocked campus to the marine world.

Media Production Club (Production Club)

We are a group of students writing, scripting, and producing productions in TV, Film, and Audio. Everyone is welcome! You do not need experience in production, just a creative mind and willingness to learn.

MedLife East Stroudsburg University

The purpose of MedLife ESU is to help families achieve greater freedom from constraints of poverty through healthier living by raising funds for medicine, education and community development.

Men’s Lacrosse Club (Men's Lax)

This club is welcome to anyone interested in the sport of lacrosse. No experience is required. We are competitive but we also like to have fun. Our primary season is in the spring but we have a fall tournament. Tryouts are in the fall and in the spring.

Men's Volleyball Club (Men's Volleyball)

Started in 2011 to pick up where our D1 program from 2009 left off. We are a group of young men trying to make this club and love of this sport become very popular on this campus. If you have any volleyball experience please come out and Join!!

Minsi Hall Community Board

An organization for Minsi Hall residents that promotes leadership through event planning, fundraising, and community service.

Moses Society (Resident Advisor)

The Moses Society represents the commitment, dedication, and hard work of the Resident Advisors to the Residence Life program.

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Incorporated. (Mu Sigma Upsilon)

Mu Sigma Upsilon is the first multicultural sorority in the nation. It was founded on November 21st 1981. The three goals are academic excellence, unity amongst all women, and to be active in the university and community.

Multicultural Organization Advisory Board (MOAB)

The Multicultural Organizations Advisory Board (MOAB) was created to enhance the multicultural student experience on the campus of East Stroudsburg University through active communication, dialogue, and shared efforts by all constituents to create unity

Musical Theatre Organization (MTO)

Musical Theatre Organization is a student run group dedicated to the education of music and theatre by providing hands on opportunities to the student body at ESU. We perform at events on campus and in the community.

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