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Art Association

The ESU Art Association is a fun, eclectic group of open-minded creative brains from all across campus- all ages, all skill levels, all mediums- we love to create for a cause: to make the campus (and the world!) a more beautiful place.

Contemporary Dancers (ESUCD)

The Contemporary Dancers are a student run organization made of five executive members and 10-20 dancers with different ranges of experience. We rehearse twice a week to prepare for our annual spring performance displaying all of our hard work & talents.

Media Production Club (Production Club)

We are a group of students writing, scripting, and producing productions in TV, Film, and Audio. Everyone is welcome! You do not need experience in production, just a creative mind and willingness to learn.

Musical Theatre Organization (MTO)

Musical Theatre Organization is a student run group dedicated to the education of music and theatre by providing hands on opportunities to the student body at ESU. We perform at events on campus and in the community.

Stage II

Stage II is where students come together and create art. It is where the love of theatre takes priority over everything else. It is a chance for students to explore the world of theater and theatical arts without and restriction.

University Bands (ESU Bands)

The University Bands organization is one of the most active and growing student organizations on the East Stroudsburg University campus.

University Dance Company

The University Dance Company is a select group of male and female students, chosen by audition, who perform each semester with choreography by faculty, guest artists, and students. For more information contact Dr. Elizabeth Gibbons,

Voices of Triumph Gospel Choir (VOT)

This is a Gospel Choir that unites in order to dedicate our praise and worship to the Lord through our voices. We also expect to share the Gospel through song and action.